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Why Used Books?

why not?

Book Selections

Most of these books began as my wife's and my own personal library and they reflect the varied interests we've had over the years. Some are books from which we've learned all we want (an array of cookbooks), some represent pastimes on which we no longer spend time (a stack of sheet music), and some represent hopeful endeavors (lesson books for German and French).

The books offered here are chosen with the same care with which I choose the wine and beer menus and if I haven't already enjoyed one then I'm intrigued by it and may take it back.



Hardback $4  ~  Paperback $2 ~ Records $2.50

Current and classic fiction, current and classic children's books, biographies, psychology, sociology, art history, writing, crafts, true adventure, music, poetry, foreign language, 
and a small but growing selection of records

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