About us
Once upon a time, the Suaudom family found an empty lot on Devine Street, so they built Baan Sawan on it. That was in 1999. Since then, we have built an identity based on providing an experience that matches, as closely as possible, the best of what we remember from the home cooking of our childhood. Our menu is based on a very simple idea: let's offer what WE would want, if we were customers in our own restaurant. Regarding the food, this idea has become a deconstruction of traditional recipes which are then executed with classic and modern techniques. As for the wine and beer, we put together our list with an eye towards complementing the food as well as the exploration of old school and emergent styles. 

We're ridiculously lucky to have found like-minded personalities who share our quirky notions on what constitutes adventure. You know who you are and, as ever, we are grateful to you. 


2135 Devine Street

Columbia, SC  29205

E  /  baansawan@hotmail.com

​T  /  803-252-8992



Tuesday - Saturday

5.30pm -roughly 9pm

Sunday and Monday
NO RESERVATIONS (except for Valentine's Day)
parties of 6 or more: no separate checks


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