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How We Operate Now

Because -for the moment- it's just 2 parents and 2 brothers, it's quite different

  • we still don't offer reservations.

  • the big one is that we're now only open Fridays and Saturdays from 5:00-8:00. we intend eventually to expand to adding sundays, then to eventually adding mondays but this will not be for some time. 

  • we now only have 20 proper seats: 2 two tops, 2 four tops, and 8 seats at the bar. Some tables can accept an added chair but we won't be moving tables together. 

  • our menu is now much shorter (usually 6 items) and changes weekly. we endeavor always to have at least one vegetarian option and we also aim to offer a wholly vegan menu every month and a half or so. 

  • we no longer offer traditional table service. each table has food and beverage order sheets which we ask you to fill out and bring to the bar when you're ready to place your order. After that we do serve drinks and food to your table. we ask also that you pay at the bar when you're ready. 

  • because we often are too busy to answer the phone we suggest placing any take out orders in person. 

  • the space where tables once were is now our used bookshop and record lounge. this area will sometimes have open hours outside of the kitchen's hours. hardbacks-$4 paperbacks -$2 records - $4, and cassette tapes-$2.50. we also offer sheet music and original watercolors. 

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