current as of august 6, 2018




Social Enjoyments “Ginger, Pink Grapefruit” sparkling sake / 4%alc / (GF) fresh, bright ginger 10fl oz. 5.00

Jack's Hard Cider “Conewago Orchard” Biglerville, PA(5.5% alc)(GF)fresh and juicy apples, lightly sweet 4.00

Chang lager/Thailand/ easy-going, apples, light hop 3.75

Caldera “Lawnmower Lager”/ 3.9%alc/Ashland, OR/ lemon pith, lemon oil, corn flake, touch of straw 4.00

Revelry “Layday” English summer ale”Charleston, SC(4.5% alc) fresh ripe banana, pear, cleanly refreshing 6.00

Olde Hickory Brewery “Ruby Lager”amber lager/ Hickory, NC/ (4%) clean caramel, silky, lightly nutty 4.75

Revelry Brewing “Poke the Bear” American Pale Ale /Charleston, SC/ 5.5%alc/ light malt, tangerine, crisp 4.75

Fullsteam “Southern Basil” farmhouse ale Durham, NC(5% alc) fresh sweet basil, a little spicy, lemon 5.00

Weltenburger Kloster “Barock Dunkel” Dunkel Lager Kelheim, Germany/4.7%alc/ roasted nuts, crisp 5.00

River Rat Brewery “Hazelnut Brown Ale” Columbia, SC/ 5.4%alc toffee, toasted rye, roasted hazelnut 4.00

Ovila Belgian-style witbier Chico, CA(5.3% alc)wheaty, smooth, crisp, light orange, some coriander, flowers 5.00

NoDa Brewing Company “NoDajito” witbier/ Charlotte, NC/4.8%alc/ mint, lime, bready yeast 1pint 4.75

Sierra Nevada “Hazy Little Thing IPA” Mills River, NC/ 6.7%alc juicy, creamy, pine, fir tips, light hop 4.00

River Rat Brewery “803” India pale ale/ Columbia, SC/ 7.3%alc citrus, juicy, piney resin, crisply bitter 5.25

Orval Trappist Ale Belgian Pale Ale/Gaume, Belgium/6.9%alc/ lemon peel, spice, biscuit, high carbonation 10.00

Fullsteam “Coffee is for Closers” iced coffee porter/Durham, NC/ 6%alc/ smooth dark espresso, creamy 4.75